For years we dreamt of one day creating a yoga haven in the Southwest Western Australia. We envisioned a space for the yoga community to gather regularly and practice all forms of yoga. A space for people from all walks of life to begin or continue on their yoga journey. A space to slow down, return back to your body and breath, and to leave feeling more whole. 

After living on the hustling east coast of Sydney and experiencing all the incredible offerings of world-class yoga teachers and studios, we took off to southern Asia for a couple of years to explore and learn from as much eastern teachings as we could. After deciding it was time to return back to Western Australia, we chose to settle in the small town of Margaret River, where we quickly realised there was no greater place to create this sacred refuge.

A studio with challenging asana practice, and meditative yin classes. A studio to host brilliant teachers and all styles of yoga. A studio to reflect who we are, and what the community values.

And before long, Swell Yoga Studio was born. 



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Sarah began practicing yoga at the age of 18 after major spinal surgery and the inability to regain full range of motion. 10 years later, and she is totally addicted, to all styles, all day, every day. She practices many types of yoga including Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga and Iyengar, however her teaching encompasses Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She is most interested to see how her practice can transfer off her mat into her every day life.

“I often feel as though I’m sitting on the edge of a boat in the deep blue sea, peering down into the great abyss of yoga. Every time I think I have grasped something, I realise how much more there is to learn. I took the plunge and dove straight into the deep, practicing and studying yoga every day. I’m honoured to be able to provide a space like Swell, to enable everyone to discover the wonder that is yoga.”

Sarah is also an avid conservationist, thalassophile and animal lover and when she isn’t practicing or teaching yoga, will be found hanging out with her beloved family, friends and fur babe/dingo at the beach. 

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Jen is originally from London and has spent several years travelling and teaching internationally where she continues her journey in Margaret River.

Coming from a background of personal trauma, leading her into specialising in yoga for trauma. The integration of trauma, reconnection to the self and embodiment are trickled throughout her classes, practice & life.

Jen teaches a way for you to go within, having the practice and gaining tools for your own personal enquiry; while being held in a safe and nurturing space.

Jen’s Vinyasa classes draw from Classical Hatha Yoga Tradition. She holds space to decondition the body & mind, reconnect to the present moment and being.

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About Christine…

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Sarmarie is passionate about living to its fullest human potential. She is committed to use all she has learned from yoga, life as an artist, being a women, a business owner, and lover. She feels more alert, steady and attuned than ever, and so, she teaches!

To nurture our human nature, to help others unfold. To humble in realizing life will have its blow outs, to make every day count for something soulful and nourishing. This is all she asks of herself.

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About Fran…